Search (Complete) [Korean Drama]

Military search troop members, including Koo Dong-Jin (Jang Dong-Yoon) and Son Ye-Rim (Krystal) try to fight against a mysterious creature and struggle to get away from the DMZ.

They build camaraderie through their struggle.

Koo Dong-Jin is a sergeant with only a little time left in the army. Son Ye-Rim is an elite officer and she has a secret about her birth.

Search-Jang Dong-Yoon.jpg Krystal
Jang Dong-Yoon Krystal
Yong Dong-Jin Son Ye-Rim

Polaris Special Mission Unit

Search-KD-Yoon Park.jpg Lee Hyun-Wook Choi Yoon-Je Search-KD-Lee Ha-Yul.jpg
Yoon Park Lee Hyun-Wook Choi Yoon-Je Lee Ha-Yul
Song Min-Kyu Lee Joon-Sung Joo Moon-Cheol Park Ki-Hyung

Cheongong Village

Search-KD-Moon Jeong Hee.jpg Search-KD-Lee Soon-Won.jpg Park Da-Yeon Search-KD-Kim In-Woo.jpg Min Chae-Yeon
Moon Jeong-Hee Lee Soon-Won Park Da-Yeon Kim In-Woo Min Chae-Yeon
Kim Da-Jung Cheon Min-Jae Cheon Soo-Young Dr. Baek Won-Chul Nurse Chae
Oh Je-Geun Son Young-Soon
Oh Je-Geun Son Young-Soon
Village Chief Jae-Sik grandmother

Congressman Lee’s Group

Search-KD-Yu Seong Ju.jpg Lee Ji-Hyeok Park Tae-San Cha Ji-Hyuk
Yu Seong-Ju Lee Ji-Hyeok Park Tae-San Cha Ji-Hyuk
Congressman Lee Hyuk Lee Hyuk’s secretary Operation Sector 21 soldier (ep.9-10) Operation Sector 21 soldier (ep.9-10)

1997 DMZ Incident

Hong Eui-Joon Search-Park Chang-Ik.jpg Search-KD-Yeon Woo-Jin .jpg Lee Ga_Kyung Jin Si-Won
Hong Eui-Joon Park Chang-Ik Yeon Woo-Jin Lee Ga_Kyung Jin Si-Won
Lee Hyuk (young) Han Dae-Sik (young) Jo Min-Kook Ri Kyung-Hee (ep.1,10) Lt. Baek Won-Chul (young) (ep.2)

South Korean Military

Search-KD-Choi Duk Moon.jpg Search-KD-Seo Byeock Joon.jpg Lee Tae-Young Ho Yoon Lee Dong-Joo
Choi Duk-Moon Seo Byeock-Joon Lee Tae-Young Ho Yoon Lee Dong-Joo


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