River Where the Moon Rises (Complete) | Korean Drama

A love story between Pyong Gang and On Dal.

Pyong Gang (Kim So-Hyun) is princess of Goguryeo. She was raised as a soldier for Goguryeo as soon as she was born. She is ambitious enough to dream of becoming the King of Goguryeo. She meets a man named On Dal (Ji Soo).


Kim So-Hyun Kim So-Hyun River Where Moon Rises-Ji Soo.jpg Lee Ji-Hoon River Where Moon Rises-Choi Yu-Hwa.jpg
Kim So-Hyun Kim So-Hyun Ji Soo Lee Ji-Hoon Choi Yu-Hwa
Pyong Gang Yeom Ga-Jin On Dal Go Gun Hae Mo-Yong

Imperial Palace

River Where Moon Rises-Kim Pub-Lae.jpg River Where Moon Rises-Cha Kwang-Soo.jpg River Where Moon Rises-Kim Jung-Young.jpg Kim So-Hyun Son Woo-Hyuk
Kim Pub-Lae Cha Kwang-Soo Kim Jung-Young Kim So-Hyun Son Woo-Hyuk
King Pyeongwon Jin Pil Gong Son Queen Yeon chief eunuch
River Where Moon Rises-Ahn Shin-Woo.jpg River Where Moon Rises-Wang Bit-Na.jpg River Where Moon Rises-Ki Eun-Se.jpg River Where the Moon Rises-Heo Jung Eun.jpg Park Min-Sang
Ahn Shin-Woo Wang Bit-Na Ki Eun-Se Heo Jung-Eun Park Min-Sang
Kim Pyung-Ji Jin Bi Hyun Bi Pyong Gang (young) Go Gun (young)
Song Min-Jae
Song Min-Jae

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